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Section 4 is one of the best sections along the entire trail. The views from Brinkley Bluff reinforces why the Larapinta Trail is one of the worlds most spectacular trails. The trek from Standley Chasm to Reveal Saddle is relatively good going. The tricky part starts from the saddle to the Bluff because the ground starts to become very rocky with a couple of false summits. The descent from Brinkley Bluff has been vastly improved with switchbacks after significant track work in 2016 and 2017. From Stuarts Pass its easy and smooth going.
Point One of the best sections of the entire Larapinta Trail
Point Wide variety of walking experiences & challenges
Point Some very steep and tough parts along this section
Point Easy vehicle access to Standley Chasm
Point Excellent & breathtaking views from Brinkley Bluff
Point Standley Chasm to Brinkley Bluff is very scenic
Point Birthday Waterhole is a nice campsite
Point Stuart's Pass to Birthday Waterhole is flat, easy going
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Section 4 Campsites | S4 Trailhead - Standley Chasm
Birthday Waterhole Access Track
Trail Grade Grade 5 V Hard:Fit and experienced walkers
Distance (km) 17.9  
Duration (hrs) 9 Comfortable. Allow Sightseeing
Terrain Rough Rocky, Loose
Gradient Hilly Very steep in a number of places
Trail Good Trail is reasonably well defined
Water Yes Limited. In tanks only.
Shade Poor Some shade. Little on high ground.
Camping Fees Yes Standley Chasm $15 per night/pp
Campsites Yes S4 Campsites page
Walk Options Yes Day - Multiday - Extended
Standley Chasm TrailheadPark & Trail InformationCampsite/CampgroundWaterParkingToiletsShelterFirst Aid FacilitiesTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsShowerKioskFood StoragePay Phone
Birthday Waterhole TrailheadPark & Trail InformationCampsite/CampgroundWaterParking
Campground/Camping Standley Chasm   4-5 tents* Open Fire Place
Campground/Camping Brinkley Bluff Summit   5-7 tents* No Campfires
Campground/Camping Stuart's Pass   Open Area No Campfires
Campground/Camping Section 4/5 Junction   Open Area No Campfires
Campground/Camping Birthday Waterhole   Open Area No Campfires
    * Average 2 person size tent
Larapinta Trail Map
key point Section 4 - Larapinta Trail Map
key point Full Colour, Topographic Map, 50K scale
key point Durable. Weatherproof/Tear Proof paper
key point Highly detailed trail data, images, notes
key point Info on terrain, vegetation, profiles, landforms
key point Map Dimension: A3 / Double Sided / Folded
key point Developed by Larapinta Trail Trek Support
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NT Parks Section Fact Sheet and Trail Map External Link
NT Parks Section Fact Sheet and Trail Map External Link
Vehicle Access (2WD, AWD) Getting to Standley Chasm Trailhead
ANGKERLE Standley Chasm is about 50km west of Alice Springs and can be accessed by 2WD via the sealed Larapinta Drive. This is private property operated by Angkerle Aboriginal Corporation. Gates are open between 8am – 5pm.
4WD Access Only Getting to Birthday Waterhole Trailhead
Alice Springs to Hugh Gorge Access Track Turn Off is approx 56 km west of Alice Springs via Larapinta and Namatjira Dve. Birthday Waterhole is located 14.4km from the T/O along a high clearance 4WD only track
Hugh Gorge Access Webpage
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Chewings Range Traverse .
Section 4 Larapinta Trail
Morning southern views from Brinkley Bluff
Section 4 Larapinta Trail Section 4 Larapinta Trail
Views near Bridle Path Lookout
Views near Reveal Saddle
Section 4 Larapinta Trail Section 4 Larapinta Trail
Brinkley Bluff in far background (top left)
Jagged terrain typical on high ground terrain
Section 4 Larapinta Trail Section 4 Larapinta Trail
Brinkley Bluff summit
Descent off Brinkley Bluff
Section 4 Larapinta Trail Section 4 Larapinta Trail
Views from Brinkley Bluff
Flat, easy going terrain. Western end of S4
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