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The Larapinta Trail trailhead and water tank at Birthday Waterhole (S4/5 Junction)

The Birthday Waterhole Trailhead (Section4/5 Junction) is the official start point for Section 5 and is located in a scenic area with great campsite options, namely, a new trailhead shelter and surrounding tent pad campsites. The actual waterhole is another 900m further south and is also the location of the 4WD campsite and vehicle access point.

Key Points
Point Approx 70.4 km west of Alice Springs
Point Located near Birthday Waterhole, 14.4km from Namatjira Drive
Point Access to Birthday Waterhole is via high clearance 4WD track.
Point Trailhead/campsite is located approx 900m north of waterhole
Point Vehicle access all year to waterhole. Weather permitting
Point Trail transfers to Birthday Waterhole available all year around
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Above: The trailhead and water tank at Birthday Waterhole (S4/5 Junction)
TrailheadPark & Trail InformationCampsite/CampgroundWaterToiletrsShelterParkingTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsNo Campfires
Trailhead Type New (2015) large shelter
Size Med 6-7 open campsite tent pads / 2 undercover
Crowd Factor Varying Busy trailhead/campsite during peak season
Remoteness 7 Hard to access. Remote location
Campsites Yes See S5 Campsites page
Fees No .
Shelter Yes Large new shelter and new open campsites
Water Yes 2x tanks
Food Storage Yes Non lockable options only, More info
Parking Yes At 4WD camping area only.
Vehicle Access Yes To 4WD campsite only.. 4WD high clearance
Notable Info No Waterhole is 900m south of trailhead
Comments Yes Camping options at Birthday Waterhole as well
Transfers Yes More Info: Larapinta Trail Trek Support (LTTS)
4WD campsite area ( southern side). Can be busy during peak season.
Open campsite pads at trailhead area
Trailhead shelter
Birthday Waterhole after good rain
4WD Access Only Getting to Birthday Waterhole Trailhead
Alice Springs to Hugh Gorge Access Track Turn Off is approx 56 km west of Alice Springs via Larapinta and Namatjira Dve. Birthday Waterhole is located 14.4km from the T/O along a high clearance 4WD only track. See video of this drive.
Hugh Gorge Access Track Webpage
Blog: Accessing Trailheads
Birthday Waterhole after good rain
4WD campsite area ( southern side)

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