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Walking the Larapinta Trail requires detailed planning and preparation, irrespective if you plan to walk overnight or End to End. The Larapinta Trail is rugged and remote. The level and amount of planning you do before the walk will directly influence the outcome of your walk. Water, food, equipment, health, fitness and emergency planning will be some of your key considerations.
Key Points
Point This is a remote area trail. Help takes time to organise and arrive
Point Carry an PLB or satellite phone .
Point Carry enough water and protect yourself from the sun
Point Water is mostly limited to the tanks at trailheads
Point There are very few places to buy food. Organise this beforehand
Point Temperatures can drop below freezing in June
Point Temperatures can rise to the high forties in summer
Point Take money (cash) to pay for camping fees for some sections
Point Air, Road and Rail Options
Point Accessing the Trailhead's
Point Information on Alice Springs
Point Accommodation, Vehicle Rentals
Point Useful Links
More detailed Information
Point Planning Considerations
Point Health Considerations
Point Risks to be aware of
Point If you get hurt or injured
Point Seeking advice
More detailed Information
Point Water Tanks/ Matrix
Point Natural Water Sources
Point Health and Safety
Point Supply Points
Point Useful Links
More detailed Information
Point Submitting a Walkers Plan
Point Medical Evacuation/Getting Help
Point Important Contact Numbers
Point Activating Emergency Rescue
Point Emergency Evacuation
More detailed Information
Point Buying Food Locally
Point Re-supply Options
Point Food Drops
Point Caching
Point Useful Links
More detailed Information
Point Emergency Signalling
Point Satellite Phones
Point Landlines along the Trail
Point Flares, Strobes, Whistles etc
Point Signalling Effectiveness
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Point Equipment Recommendations
Point Equipment List Guide
Point Local Conditions Consideration
Point Useful Links and Information
Point Info on boots, packs, tents etc.
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Larapinta Trail Maps
Point Larapinta Trail Maps
Point Topographic Defence maps
Point A6 Larapinta Trail Guidebook
Point Larapinta Trail Apps
Point Field Guides and other reading material
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