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Jay Creek Trailhead
The facilities along the Larapinta Trail are quite good and provide hikers with most, if not all, the essentials (namely water) to complete the walk safely and comfortably ( to some extent). The facilities are continuously being improved by NT Parks ( i.e. the new trailheads at Jay Creek and Finke River) to provide hikers with modern and practical facilities.
Key Points
Point There are trailheads at each section start point
Point Water Tanks are located at each trailhead & some intermediate points
Point Most of the trail is well sign posted
Point Most sections have basic shelters
Point Most sections have basic toilets (open pit, some flushing)
Point There are campsites along each section
Point Most trailheads have gas BBQ’s
Point Shower Facilities: Standley Chasm & Ormiston Gorge (Main Campground)
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Section Facilities at Section Trailhead ( Click for Icon definitions)
Section 1 TrailheadInformation Ranger Station
Section 2 TrailheadInformation Ranger StationRubbish Point
Section 3 TrailheadInformation Camping Shelter
Section 4 TrailheadInformationRanger StationShowers
Section 5 TrailheadInformation
Section 6 TrailheadInformation
Section 7 TrailheadInformation
Section 8 TrailheadInformation
Section 9 TrailheadInformation
Section 10 TrailheadInformationCampgroundTank WaterParkingToiletsGas BBQShelterFirst AidTables & ChairsShowersRanger StationRubbish Point
Section 11 TrailheadInformationCamping Shelter
Section 12 TrailheadInformation
Ormiston Campsite -S10/11
Most of the Larapinta Trail campsites (not to be confused with the main national park campgrounds) are found at each trailhead or intermediate point.
The campsites are often poorly marked (there are no signs which clearly indicate where you can camp or put your tent). The most obvious campsite indicator is where walkers have cleared areas for their tents. Campsites can also be found in between trailhead and intermediate points such as Brinkley’s Bluff
Simspsons Gap Campground S1/S2
Wooden Tent Pads
Wooden Tent Pads (pictured left) are found along many parts of the trail. Some are under sheltered areas, others are in the open. They are a solid wood construction about 3ft off the ground and wide enough to place a two-person tend on top of it.
Mulga Camp Tables & Chairs
Wooden table and chairs are not common along the trail, but a few places have them such as Mulga Camp (S2) and Simpsons Gap (S2) . You will find most of the table and chairs at major visitor use areas such as Ormiston Gorge , Simpsons Gap , Ellery Creek & Redbank Gorge .
There are a number of BBQ facilities but very few fire places around the national park and along the trail and ALL are in clearly designated areas..
No Fires NOTE: Campfires are strictly prohibited the Larapinta Trail.
Gas BBQ Open Fireplaces

Parks have provided free gas BBQ's at a number of locations along the trail. The gas BBQ's provide excellent alternative to using your own gas stoves (and plundering nearby natural resources for open fires). Open fires are restricted to only designated areas in the national park. Fires are NOT permitted anywhere else and NT Parks strictly prohibits hikers from having campfires on the Larapinta Trail.
Trail Markers
Standard Trail Marker
The trail is marked by 100mm x 100mm square signs with a blue rectangular arrow on a white reflective background screwed to matt green steel posts . They are generally spaced every 1km, but in some sections, like Section 12 , they can often be between 200m-300m apart. Every so often a marker will have the total distance remaining on of the section.

Larapinta Trail markers are normally placed on posts along the trail but are also nailed to trees ( normally at eye height or higher) or glued to rocks or boulders. With the exception of larger markers normally found nailed to the trees, all Larapinta Trail markers are the same size ( approx 100mm x 100mm).

Multiple Trail Marker
Multiple Trail markers ( see image above left) which have both a blue and red triangle indicate linked trails (not part of the Larapinta Trail) leading off it. Some of these secondary or additional 'linked' trails include the magnificent Ormiston Pound Walk.
Other Trail Signage
Interpretation (Interp) Boards
Interpretation (Interp) boards, large and small, are mostly concentrated around the main car park areas of Ormiston Gorge (S10), Ellery Creek (S6) and Simpson Gap (S2) . The interp boards provide fantastic illustrations with good information about flora, fauna, history and some do;'s and don't's.
Advisory  Boards
Advisory Boards have been placed along some sections of the trail to provide warnings, recommendations or instructions in sensitive, restricted or key areas concerning health and safety, cultural heritage or environmental protection.
Junction Signage
Permanent signs have been placed at main junction areas, the most obvious junction point being at Section 3 (Tangentyere Junction and Millers Flat) where walkers can decide to take the higher or lower route option.

Standley Chasm Trailhead
At the start of each section there are permanent trailheads providing walkers with information and advice on the upcoming section. These are large metallic boards with information on distance, going, health and safety and occasionally, information on flora and fauna.
There are also perplex/glass fixtures which contain updated information (i.e. such as closures, dangers, floods etc...) placed by the Park Rangers and are worth checking for updates or warnings. Each trailhead also has a steel box containing the log book (which we highly recommend you fill out)
Birthday Waterhole Trailhead
Mulga Camp
Intermediate Points are half way points within sections. Intermediate points divide up some of the longer sections and provide walkers with facilities such as water tanks, shelter, campsites and some campsite furniture. Some of these intermediate points include Wallaby Gap (S1) , Mulga Camp (S2) Rocky Gully (S6) Rocky Bar Gap (S12).
Shelter New Shelters
Parks has constructed two new excellent and stylish shelters at Jay Creek (S2/3) and Finke River (S10/11). There are two platforms inside the shelter for hikers to sleep on. Each platform could accommodate about 3-4 people. There are tables and chairs, cupboards, BBQ facilities and water tanks.
Simpsons Gap Shelter Thatch Roofed Shelters
These large (thatch roofed) shelters provide good cover and protection from the sun and some cover from drizzly rain). These types of shelters are the most common along the trail. They are also quite breezy (great during hot days, dreadful during rainy/cold days)
Shelter Steel Corrugated Roofed Shelters
These are similar (in design) to the thatched roof shelters (but corrugated steel instead) and also provide a good place to get away from the sun. A lot better for rain protection, but also breezy and offer little protection from wind. While not as common as thatch roofed shelters, these shelters are nevertheless quite common along the trail..
[ See Water Page ]
Water Tanks
Please visit our water page which provides a detailed breakdown of man made and natural water sources along the trail. In summary, water tanks can be found along all 12 of the trailhead's along the trail and also along some intermediate points. Park Rangers regularly fill these tanks with water throughout the year.
Info Official Food Storage Points
There are two official food storage points along the trail – Ellery Creek and Ormiston Gorge. These locations are locked. Keys can be obtained from the Tourism Central Australia Visitor Centre in town (Alice Springs). A $60 key deposit is required. $50 is refunded. Alternative food storage or drops points include Standley Chasm and Glen Helen Resort . You will have to seek permission from these private businesses.  Contact them direct.
Image left: Ellery Creek Storage room
Ormiston Gorge Food Storage Ormiston Gorge  
(Green door in picture) is located on the western side of the visitor centre at Ormiston Gorge. There is a Larapinta Trail sticker on the door. Always lock the door behind you
Ellery Creek Toilet Block Ellery Creek Building
The storage room is located within the toilet building ( but separate to the toilets) at the north eastern end. Look for the Larapinta Trail sticker. Very public area. Always lock the door behind you.
Bush Toilets (Unisex)
Bush toilets are located at all trailhead's. Most are the new toilets ( pictured left & below) and are in excellent condition and have toilet paper. Flushing toilets are only found at major trailheads like Simpson's Gap (S2), Standley Chasm (S4) and Ormiston Gorge (S10) .

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