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Icon Description
Park & Trail Information Park & Trail Information
Campsite/Campground Campsite/Campground
Unofficial Campsite Unofficial Campsite
No Camping No Camping
Water Water
Parking Parking
Toilets Toilets
Trailhead Shelter Trailhead Shelter
Shelter Shelter
Shower Shower
Trailhead Trailhead
Ranger Station Ranger Station
Tables, Chairs and/or Tent Pads Tables, Chairs and/or Tent Pads
First Aid Facilities First Aid Facilities
Pay Phone Pay Phone
Kiosk Kiosk
Cliffs/ Steep Drop Cliffs/ Steep Drop
Open Fire Place Open Fire Place
No Campfires No Campfires
Accommodation Accommodation
Rubbish Bins Rubbish Bins
Vehicle Access (2WD, AWD) Vehicle Access (2WD, AWD)
No Vehicle Access
4WD Access Only 4WD Access Only
Swimming Swimming
Cultural Site Cultural Site
Food Storage Food Storage