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View of the trailhead from the nearby high ground. Flat open area
The Jay Creek Trailhead is the official start point of Section 3. It is located in a remote location close to the banks of Jay Creek. The trailhead has a large modern shelter with good facilities. There are great scenic views and nice bush camping options. Vehicle access to the trailhead vicinity is by 4WD only.
Key Points
Point Approx 76km north west of Alice Springs
Point Accessible by 4WD via the Tanami Road & Old Hamilton's Down Track
Point Vehicle access to Car Park only. 4.5km to trailhead from here
Point Foot access via a rough 4.5km track to trailhead. All year foot access.
Point Great facilities. Nice bush campsites.
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Facilities TrailheadPark & Trail InformationCampsite/CampgroundWaterToiletsShelterTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsTrailhead ShelterNo Campfires
Trailhead Type Large protected shelter. Semi-new. Hiker use only
Size Medium .
Crowd Factor Low Away from public areas. Hikers only.
Remoteness 7 Remote location. Public access is difficult
Campsites Yes See S3 Campsites page
Fees No .
Shelter Yes Images on the left
Water Yes Limited. In tanks only.
Food Storage No Cupboards at trailhead, but not secure.
Parking Yes At Jay Creek Car Park Area
Vehicle Access Yes 4WD only. See below & Jay Creek Access
Notable Info No .
The trailhead area has nice scenic views, particularly sunrise and sunset.
Jay Creek - Larapinta Trail
Open bush camping on Jay Creek
Sandy creek camping along Jay Creek
Jay Creek Trailhead Jay Creek Trailhead
4WD Access Only Getting to Jay Creek Trailhead
The Jay Creek Trailhead is approx 76km from Alice Springs, half of which is 4WD only. It takes about a couple of hours to get there from Alice Springs via the Tanami Road and the Old Hamilton’s Downs track.
Blog: Accessing Trailheads
Jay Creek Access Webpage
There are two sheltered tent pads
One of two water tanks

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