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The Ellery Creek Trailhead is the official start point of Section 7. It is located near Ellery Creek Big Hole, a large permanent and scenic waterhole. This is a very public and popular visitation and public camping area for the West Macs NP, so expect crowds and tourists. The facilities here are shared. There is a separate campsite area for Larapinta Trail hikers.
Key Points
Point Approx 90 km west of Alice Springs
Point Access to turn off via the sealed Namatjira Road
Point Access to car park approx 2km from turn off via unsealed, gravel road
Point Major park visitation point. Expect crowds and tourists.
Point Official Larapinta Trail Food Storage Point
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Above Image: The trailhead information board at Ellery Creek
TrailheadPark & Trail InformationCampsite/CampgroundWaterToiletrsShelterParkingTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsGas BBQFood StorageNo Campfires
Trailhead Type Information board only.
Size Small Information board only.
Crowd Factor V High Very popular area. Public park camping area.
Remoteness 3 Easy access, off the highway
Campsites Yes See S7 Campsites page
Fees Yes Yes - $5.00 per person/per night
Shelter Yes Shared with other vehicle based visitors
Water Yes Taps. Tank Water
Food Storage Yes Official Larapinta Trail Food Storage Point
Parking Yes A number for parking areas and bays
Vehicle Access Yes Easy. 2WD. See below.
Notable Info Yes Very large permanent waterhole here
Comments No .
Paved path leading the waterhole.
Main area facilities; gas BBQ, tables
Food storage point; Toilet Block
Getting to Ellery Creek Trailhead
The Ellery Creek Trailhead is approx 90 km west of Alice Springs and can be access via the sealed Larapinta & Namatjira Drives. Access from Namatjira Road to the car park is via a 2km rocky dirt track which is OK for 2WD's but can be a little bumpy.
Blog: Accessing Trailheads
Main area shelter and furniture
Larapinta Trail campsite.For hikers only
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