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Section 2 is a comfortable walk over mostly flat and undulating terrain. Mulga Camp is a nice campsite if you have the time to divide up this section and camp there. The scenery improves between Spring Gap to Jay Creek. Spring Gap is a beautiful little retreat, especially if the waterhole's are full after rain.
Point Mostly flat and undulating
Point Mulga Camp is a good half way campsite
Point Mostly open terrain and views
Point Easy vehicle access to Simpsons Gap (2WD)
Point Bond Gap and Spring Gap
Point Trailhead shelter at Jay Creek
Point Views between Spring Gap and Jay Creek Trailhead
Point Arenge Bluff
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Section 2 Campsites | S2 Trailhead - Simpsons Gap
Trail Grade Grade 3 Med: Suitable for fit walkers
Distance (km) 25.1  
Duration (hrs) 8 Comfortable. Allow Sightseeing
Terrain Rocky Rocky, Loose
Gradient Undulating. Some steep going.
Trail Good Trail is reasonably well defined
Water Yes Limited. In tanks only.
Shade Average  
Camping Fees No  
Campsites Yes S2 Campsites page
Walk Options Yes Day - Multiday - Extended
Simpson's Gap TrailheadTrailhead ShelterPark & Trail InformationCampsite/CampgroundWaterToiletsGas BBQShelterParkingTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsRubbish BinsRanger StationNo Campfires
Mulga Camp Park & Trail InformationCampsite/CampgroundWaterToiletsTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsNo Campfires
Jay Creek TrailheadTrailhead ShelterPark & Trail InformationCampsite/CampgroundWaterToiletsParkingShelterTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsNo Campfires
Campground/Camping Simpson's Gap   3-4 tents* No Campfires
Campground/Camping Mulga Camp   Open No Campfires
Campground/Camping Arenge Bluff Campsite   Open No Campfires
Campground/Camping Jay Creek   4-5 tents* No Campfires
    * Average 2 person size tent





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NT Parks Section Fact Sheet and Trail Map External Link
NT Parks Section Fact Sheet and Trail Map External Link
Vehicle Access (2WD, AWD) Getting to Simpson Gap Trailhead
Access to Simpson Gap is via the sealed Larapinta Drive and can be accessed by conventional 2WD vehicle. Its is approximately 18km west from Alice Springs, and a further 6km off the main road. Simpsons Gap is open to vehicles between 7am and 9pm.
4WD Access Only Getting to Jay Creek Trailhead
The Jay Creek Trailhead is approx 76km from Alice Springs, half of which is 4WD only. It takes about a couple of hours to get there from Alice Springs via the Tanami Road and the Old Hamilton’s Downs track.
Jay Creek Access Webpage
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Off Track
Bond Gap  
Section 2 Larapinta Trail
Spring Gap in wetter times.
Section 2 Larapinta Trail Section 2 Larapinta Trail
Simpsons Gap
Easy going terrain. Eastern end.
Section 2 Larapinta Trail Section 2 Larapinta Trail
Arenge Bluff
Small waterhole along Rocky Creek
Section 2 Larapinta Trail Section 2 Larapinta Trail
Spring Gap
Rungutjirba Ridge
Section 2 Larapinta Trail Section 2 Larapinta Trail
Rocky country at western end of section
Nice going along western end of section
























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