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Euro Ridge
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Section 1 is the official start point of the Larapinta Trail. This is a long walk along undulating and open country winding its way over creeks, gullies and small features. Euro Ridge is the most scenic and provides excellent views of the surrounding Alice Springs area. Hat Hill Saddle is also quite scenic. The walk can be a little boring at times compared to the rest of the trail but it is a comfortable walk.
Point Long, undulating walk with some high ground parts
Point Wallaby Gap is a good halfway rest/overnight option
Point Good day walk
Point Easy 2WD access to both trailheads
Point Euro Ridge, especially early morning or late afternoon.
Point Morning/afternoon views from Hat Hill Saddle
Point Scorpion Pool and Fairy Springs
Point Railway Line (especially if you get to see the Ghan passing by)
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Section 1 Campsites | S1 Trailhead - Telegraph Station
Trail Grade Grade 3 Med: Suitable for fit walkers
Distance (km) 23.8  
Duration (hrs) 9 Comfortable.
Terrain Rocky Rocky, Loose
Gradient Average Undulating. Some steep going
Trail Good Trail is well defined
Water Yes Limited. In tanks only.
Shade Good High exposure to UV. Open country
Camping Fees No  
Campsites Yes S1 Campsites page
Walk Options Yes Day - Overnight
Telegraph Station TrailheadPark & Trail InformationParkingWaterToiletrsGas BBQShelterFirst Aid FacilitiesTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsRanger StationNo Camping
Wallaby Gap Campground/CampingWaterToiletsShelterTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsNo Campfires
Simpsons Gap TrailheadTrailhead ShelterPark & Trail InformationCampground/CampingWaterToiletsGas BBQShelterParkingTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsRanger StationNo CampfiresRubbish Bins
No Camping Telegraph Station   No Camping No Campfires
Campground/Camping Wallaby Gap   4-5 tents* No Campfires
Hat Hill Saddle   2-3 Tents* No Campfires
Campground/Camping Simpsons Gap   3-4 tents* No Campfires
    * Average 2 person size tent




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NT Parks Section Fact Sheet and Trail Map External Link
NT Parks Section Fact Sheet and Trail Map External Link
Vehicle Access (2WD, AWD) Getting to Telegraph Station Trailhead
Telegraph Station is approximately 3km from north of Alice Springs and is accessible by 2WD. It is open between 8am and 9pm all year round. If you arrive outside these times, you can still access the trailhead by foot from the main gate (a couple of hundred meters away).
Vehicle Access (2WD, AWD) Getting to Simpsons Gap Trailhead
Access to Simpson Gap is via the sealed Larapinta Drive and can be accessed by conventional 2WD vehicle. Its is approximately 18km west from Alice Springs, and a further 6km off the main road. Simpsons Gap is open to vehicles between 7am and 9pm.
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Views near Hat Hill Saddle
Section 1 Larapinta Trail
Alice Springs Telegraph Station
Start point of S1
Section 1 Larapinta Trail Section 1 Larapinta Trail
Trail parallels some of the old Telegraph Line
Trail along Euro Ridge
Section 1 Larapinta Trail Section 1 Larapinta Trail
Common views along S1
Scorpion Pool area
Section 1 Larapinta Trail Section 1 Larapinta Trail
Views of the railway and Alice Springs
Views from the top of Hat Hill Saddle

























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