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Campground Redbank Campsite (Trailhead Area)
Campsite area at the creek
Tent pads along creek beds
Campsite area at the water tank area
Water tank
Designation Campground Designated (official) campsite
Main Area Facilities TrailheadPark & Trail InformationParkingShelterToiletrsTables, Chairs and/or Tent PadsNo Campfires
Campsite Facilities Campsite/CampgroundWaterNo Campfires
Water Tank Water Yes- Tank
Capacity Open Area
Camping Fees Yes - $5.00 per person
Campsite Access AWD/4WD. Dirt road. See below
Maps & GPS Data Shown on Trail Maps External Link
Restrictions No Fires Strictly No Campfires or Open Fires
Snapshot Description
Point Some good camping spots along the creek which offer some shade
Point Campsite ground is sandy creek soil, comfy and soft.
Point The campsite area near the tank is solid earth ground, hard and bare
Point Trailhead is located about 200m from campsite at main visitor area
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