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Website Overview
The Larapinta Trail Website is one of the most comprehensive trail website's in the world. It is the most comprehensive source of information (content, imagery, video & data) about the Larapinta Trail.
It is used by tens of thousands of people each year in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, US, Canada and in more than 70 other countries worldwide. It is also a primary source of information for leading national and international media outlets and outdoor/adventure magazines, publishers and website's.
The Larapinta Trail Website was designed to provide bushwalkers and trekkers with the necessary information to effectively plan for their walk on the Larapinta Trail. The website also provides an excellent source of general information and inspiration for anybody interested in the Larapinta Trail or the West MacDonnell National Park.
Website Contact Details
We do not provide over the phone/email advice about the Larapinta Trail. These contact details are for corporate, administrative and store enquiries only.
Phone:0455 187 244
Main Contributor / Trail & Trekking Information
Zak has trekked the Larapinta Trail end to end, unsupported & solo seven times since 2004 & regularly treks individual sections to update trail information, imagery & data for the website . He instructs on a range of basic & advanced training courses for trekking, adventure sports & exploration in extreme arid/desert/savannah conditions of remote Australia.
Contributor / Trail & Trekking Information
Alto has trekked the Larapinta Trail end to end, unsupported and solo six times since 2005, twice which were in summer. He treks individual sections regularly. Alto specialises in remote area wilderness medicine and remote area rescue with a specific focus on rescue operations in rugged, inaccessible areas of Central Australia and the Kimberley.
Contributor / Digital Field Imagery
Erik is an off track, no trail, cross country bushwalker who takes a small 10ltr backpack for 20 days of hiking and lives off nuts, seeds, bushtucker & natural water sources. He is also our imagery specialist who is currently working on capturing aerial drone video footage of the Larapinta Trail. He specialises in savannah/desert/arid survival, tracking & bushtucker.
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